Pretty|Cheap – Pt 1

Does the price of your make up really determine its quality?


Whilst we gawk over air-brushed inner-beauty campaigns, a genius spinning on an office chair somewhere has just come up with the next gimmick.

In a market where consumers prioritize brands over innovation, it’s easy to correlate quality with a price tag. Whilst it’s usually true that ‘you get what you pay for’, with the hunt for ‘dupes’ becoming increasingly more popular, there’s even more reason to experiment with new affordable brands.

To work out just how superior these glossy brands really are, I’ll compare two products, one big brand and one budget bargain.

Hypothesis? “The more expensive the make-up, the better you’ll look.” 




MAC False Lashes Mascara – Shade: STAY BLACK!

MAC – False Lashes Waterproof Mascara. Shade: STAY BLACK! RRP: £19.50 at Selfridges.

I’ve been in a polyamorous relationship with Rimmel’s SCANDALEYES and WONDER’FULL mascaras for years, and whilst they’re both fantastic products, I thought I’d treat myself to an ‘upgrade’.

Despite looking like a vape pen, the wand is beautifully designed, but in terms of creating a “false lash” effect, this mascara simply didn’t. Put bluntly, anyone with short eyelashes would be wasting their money. The brush is far too thin and cylindrical to actually scoop your eyelashes.

Once applied, it dries almost instantly, making it impossible to fix any crossed lashes and clumping.

To be fair to the product, it truly lasts all day and is very water resistant. Even after washing it off in the evening, I still wake up with a slight panda eye, which i suppose is good?

Ultimately, with a price tag of £19.50 and very little to show for it, this mascara is certainly a step down from MAC’s usual standard.

Rating: 2.5/5

Natural Collection Mascara – Shade: Black

Natural Collection – Lash Length Mascara. Shade: Black RRP: £1.99 at Boots.

With the negative stigma that surrounds Natural Collection products, it’s fair to say that I was truly surprised with how instant and impressive the results were.

My lashes looked thick and full, evenly spread across my eyelid without any noticeable clumping.

The shape of the wand/brush was however pretty basic and prototypical, sometimes making it awkward to apply and style, especially towards the corners.

Nevertheless, at only £1.99 and with such beautiful results, you’d be mad not to consider this as your next go-to.

Rating: 4/5


If a saving of £17.51 isn’t enough to convince you to switch to the cheaper alternative, at least let the results.

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