Malta through a lens

After the recent collapse of the Azure Window in Gozo, this small photo gallery celebrates the surviving beauty of Malta, and how its allure cannot be reduced to a single structure.


Whilst it’s easy for tourists that visited to express their sadness over the collapse of the Azure Window on Gozo, it’s impossible to comprehend the grief the Maltese people are experiencing. Whilst at most we can sympathise, it’s fair to say we mourn alongside them.

After visiting Malta last summer and exploring most of the island, the evening I spent on Gozo with my dad was not only a highlight of the trip, but also of my existence. What we define as beauty is measured upon a scale developed through experience and memory, and this, along with the rest of Malta, completely broadened my spectrum.

The following collection of my favourite moments celebrates a small fraction of what makes Malta so remarkable. While photographs can never do the place any justice, here’s Malta through my eyes, or rather my lens.

The Sea

The Streets

The Company

Hagar Qim

St Paul’s Grotto

The Azure Window



Whilst I feel blessed to have visited this paradise, the beauty of Malta expands far beyond a single structure. Whilst in memory it will remain a beacon of the archipelago’s allure, the island has so much more to touch and inspire you with.

– Rebecca

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