Trend Review: Primaries, Embroidery and Distress Signals

A virtual tour around New Look, exploring the latest trends in women’s fashion.


Primary Education

As we crawl towards summer, I’ve chosen a trend that’s as daring as an online foundation colour-match.

While a devotee to pastels and autumnal shades, uncharted territory has never been so inviting.

Any block of colour makes a statement, and the bolder the shade, the bolder the statement.

Granted, it’s far less adventurous as the developing hide-and-seek cut-out phase designers are loving this spring, but it exudes a confidence for those that lack it, in a style that still pops in the summer, without being diminished under it’s vibrancy.

Safe to say, I’m converted, though it took a lot to even look twice at the fearlessness of some of these pieces. I’m happy to risk resembling a juggling ball any day if it means I get to rock this royal blue combo.

Floral Embroidery

I’m all for vintage ideas, but I’d say this had more of a ‘Mary Berry in a Western’ vibe.

With it’s palette centralising on creamy pinks, it at least meant I could retire back to pastel palace, under the muted tones of my comfort zone.

Whilst the prints felt somewhat repetitive, their application was far from lackluster.

Once a skeptic, I’d originally seen this trend as a cringe-worthy attempt to snoop in Lana Del Rey’s wardrobe, but after lugging my basket to the changing rooms, I realised it’s potential for versatility and originality.

Being a print, it was being applied to every top, every shoe and every accessory in the store.

Overdone? perhaps, but the ability to choose your dosage made it all the more welcoming.


My thoughts toyed with the term ‘distressed’ as referring to both the name of the style, and the type of palpitations you experience after dropping £30 on clothes resembling something a lion mistook for a gazelle.

I’d say that it targets the urban street-wear scene, although a pink fluffy jumper attacked by a hole-puncher kinda swerves that vibe.

It’s hard to make any generalisations about this trend other than the fact that it is for the most part atrocious.

It’s only saviour is its ripped denim. Whilst over-worn (and often over-torn), they’re a breath of fresh air to any monochrome jean/tee combo.

As I wore out my battery (and patience) desperately trying to make these clothes look wearable, my card burrowed deeper into my purse.


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